Monday, March 8, 2010

mine on monday: baby bella

Yesterday I fell in love with a new baby, Allison Bella and I'm sure you will too. Seriously, can she get any more cute? In fact she is one of those rare gorgeous baby girls, you know the ones that the doctors can show you and say without lying "she is beautiful". I had one of those too, how lucky I was and watching Andrea with her little bundle of joy makes me so happy.

I missed the big day that she was brought into the world due to being in California for a family wedding but I jumped at the opportunity to visit her the day we returned. I love this baby already so much, I could hold her for hours. I love that my girlfriends are finally starting to have kids, it's so great. Oaklee is going to get friends.

Anyways, I just had to share this picture. In the mean time I'm crossing my fingers that life slows down, even just for a day. I know I'm dreaming, right?

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